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Windshield repair - popular since 1971.*


EDI Software Mainstreet Computers

Mainstreet Computers Inc. delivers cutting edge auto glass and flat glass software and unparalleled support to assist businesses in achieving ever increasing levels of success. Twenty-five years of unwavering commitment to our customers and products has made us the leader in software for the glass industry. Contact us now and let our software and experience start working for you.

Windshield Repair Equipment

When it comes to windshield repair and scratch removal, GlasWeld reflects the very best: product development, research, equipment, training, customer service and industry knowledge. Known globally for its innovative research and development, GlasWeld has been an international leader in windshield repair and scratch removal for more than two decades. Active involvement in industry task forces and trade associations ensures that GlasWeld customers are part of a truly progressive team of repair professionals. You can reach us by calling  toll free 1-800-321-2597


 agrr magazine for auto glass technicians

 AGRR magazine is the most exciting, lively source of unbiased and accurate information about the auto glass business in the world. Since its inception six years ago, AGRR has become indispensable to its subscribers.




Custom Car Cover
Description : We pride ourselves in creating a custom car cover to fit your needs and specifications.

Pressure Sensor - APG is a top pressure sensor manufacturer, selling high-quality liquid level sensors and related technology, which includes ultrasonic sensors and cable suspended float sensors.

Extended Car Warranty
With one of our affordable car warranties, you can protect yourself against costly repairs.